2019 Camry Comes Out with More Sporty Look and Relieved Space

2019 camry got a new look whether it is from the exterior or interior. The new performance of this car is capable to feature a modern impression and sporty look.


2019 Camry has its new touch of the interior and the exterior design. As we know, Camry that is made from Toyota is a luxury sedan that prioritizes the elegance look of the car. However, in this time Toyota tried to add the concept of sporty accent in the newest camry design, in addition to luxury image that had been attached to the car which is normally being used by many bosses and the famous people. This is one of variants of Toyota’s best-selling line in the world in the past 12 years. It is no surprise if every appearance of the latest generation of Camry is always eagerly awaited by the loyal customers. Currently, this Japanese manufacturer is preparing a new generation to be marketed in 2019. Toyota Camry comes with a design that is more robust and there are some upgrades that more fresh than the previous cars.


From the 2019 camry review it is certain thing that there are several changes from the exterior design. It appears some significant changes especially. Including the use of daytime running lights with new design LED headlamp, and then the fog lights now use LEDs with unique and stylish shape, and the addition of super wide vent which divides the front bumper as well as a line of firm that run above the hood is also able to make this car look more sporty. In addition to change the design of multistory exterior, Toyota also enlarges the interior ambiance. All new camry edition with an additional length of 45 mm and a width of 10 mm, it is because of extra dimensions camry 2019 edition became more comfortable and relieved.The dimensions of the body of this 2019 Toyota Camry has a size that is longer than the previous generation that makes the most of the Toyota sedan looks more elegant.


For cabin, meter instrument cluster feature a new back-light instrument panel. At the 4.2-inch touchscreen infotainment attached, situated in the middle. New Camry gets an additional new 2.0-liter engine-powered 150 hp. The machine completes the two machines that are already available previously, 2.5-liter (181 hp) and V6 3.5-liter (249 hp). 2019 camry release date is on 17 April 2014 it has been introduced at the annual automotive event, Moscow International Auto Salon (Miasa). There, Toyota officially shows camry 2019 to the public.


This car has an incredibly stylish and beneficial space. The car is fancy wrapping with elegant colors. In addition, Toyota also provided it with supporting features that are useful for those who are busy working. In the inside there is a wireless charging system that is wireless battery charging system for gadgets such as smartphone, but there are also conventional features e.g USB. Dashboard sector planted 4.2 inc. TFT LCD screen as a console control. Camry 2019 has been claimed as the more stable and comfortable to operate. The newest EPS System (electric power steering) has been enhanced to increase the stability and the pleasantness. Then you have no doubt to order, this car is totally sure because you already know that it is very good from the 2019 camry interior.


2019 Highlanders Ride for Your Big Family

What kind of car you are looking for? Are you looking for the comfortable and quiet ride with good performance and economical fuel? Then 2019 highlander is the one for you to take a look.


2019 highlander is becoming latest news to talk about today. From the latest news is also clear that the design from one of Toyota car still has similarities with the previous type. The new generation of the car comes with rewarding space and design that will improve many parts and things. Everyone will agree that 2019 Toyota Highlander is highly comfortable to drive. It is quiet, has spacious seats and plentiful cabin make the car looks ideal for a family vehicle.


2019 highlander review is obvious that many people praise this kind of car because of its materials which are soft-touch and the silent cabin. It has plenty of leg and headroom in the front and middle rows of the seat. Be sure that your children ride in the third row, because it is comfortable. Standard feature of this car are Bluetooth, port USB, a rear-view camera, and Toyota’s entune system with 6.1 inch touch screen.  Then, other supporting features are including an upgrade entune system a which has a 8 inch touch screen,12-speaker JCL, adaptive drive control and driver easy speak. It uses microphone to undertake voice of the driver through the stereo speakers to the rear passengers. The present of entune system make the driver easier to communicate with the passengers in the back.


Actually there are no dramatically 2019 Highlander changes. When this car was introduces at the New York Auto Show on April 2013 it said that it will be offered with the engine lineup that it replaces. This means that it will come with more power for 3.5 liter V6 unit. If it is hybrid version so it can be the combination of 3.5 liter V6 and electric motor. It allows the car to be two or four wheel drive.When this car was launched at the New York Auto Show held in April of 2013th we could hear from the representatives that it will be offered with the same engine lineup as the car that it replaces. This means that the 2.7 liter inline four cylinders will come while those that want more power will have to opt for the 3.5 liter V6 unit. When it comes to hybrid model it should come with combination of 3.5 liter V6 unit and electric motor allowing this car to be either two or four wheel drive. Power is still the same level like the previous model because the larger changes will be offered in the next years.


The car features numerous of convenient storage. It provides a resting place for your cellular phones and other small personal things, because there is a unique shelf along the dashboard. The shelf has low height. Spacious which is extremely spacious is the storage box under the console armrest that can be used as a place for your large pursue. This car has adopted a new look which is clean but it has grey area between the SUVs and crossovers. Those can be your consideration because it has the right and beautiful, effective 2019 highlander interior.

Completely Sport Look of 2019 Toyota Supra

Rumor, dreaming, and speculation of the new 2019 toyota super is becoming official, so be ready for you the fans of sport cars to start hunting and ordering. This car will be totally looking sporty with you.


2019 toyota supra is the next generation with supra turbo engine that can generate power of 400 HP at 560 rpm with torque of 315 lb-ft. Toyota Supra is one of sports car which is extremely elegant. Now appear with new face of Toyota Supra that is ready to enter a new product one of Toyota Supra product which reportedly will be soon launched, but it has not been confirmed, and for fans of this sport car this. In fact, according to the news from the media is concerned. Toyota Supra will be present in the form completely sport while the car is in the process of developing.


The successor, 2019 Toyota Supra concept is still using the same chassis with the prototype GRMN MRS. 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine and two electric motors will develop a total power output of more than 400 horsepower. It is a certain thing that the concept will be based on the FT-1. It seems that FT-1 is the main that be noticed for production in order to carry Supra concept to the new look in the future. It shares many noteworthy details with the previous concept; it is FT-HS car concept such as the cut in the driver door is alike with the rear fender vent.  You can also notice to the shape and situating of the vent in the front fender.


3.5-liter V6 petrol engine of the 2019 super toyota engine will be channeled to the rear wheel drive system while the two electric motors in the system will be combined with the front wheel. This means that this sports car into applying all-wheel drive. New Toyota Supra in addition expected to carry a 3.5-liter hybrid, super car is expected to also be using a 5.0-liter V8 engine, with a total output of 500 HP.


From the explanation above it is clear that there are several parts of the car which has identical look and concept. The tail amps will also look the same but not totally same actually though it has common shape and profile of light. Another similarity comes in the double bubble roof, and also the rear tires which feature prominent shoulders over them. However, it is not a big deal and also the similarity that occurs is not coincidentally. The final production of New Toyota Supra will be present in 2019 and it is about $ 60 thousand for the 2019 toyota supra price.

2019 Tesla S Overall View

This is the car product which comes in the market where designed and built with sedan style. Some changes come from this 2019 Tesla S.


2019 Tesla S is one of the electric cars which produced for year 2019. This car has the design as a sedan which may be a rare car that exists for next year. The conditions which bring this car to be a better car product than the other electric cars are many. The conditions are such as the technology, performance and also the value of driving range. As an electric car which is all-electric car with luxury sedan design, this car actually doesn’t have a true rival at all as the competitor. The other electric cars like Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus Electric includes in the different class which related with the price, size, mode range and also luxury content.


Little about 2019 Tesla S review, this car has designed with the ability to reach the speed from 0 until 60 mph in sprint condition. That speed can be reach just like a Corvette which is in 4.4 seconds. More, this car is available to travel in 265 miles only with one time battery charge. According to a purpose of this car creation, it is accomplished about saving energy if compared with the fossil fueled sedan. About this S model, there are two different battery packs that available to choose. They are the 60 kWh and 85 kWh units. Although these have differences, both of them are made with similar basic liquid electric motor.


As an electric car, this car has the superiority in how fast the battery charged. In the way of charging the battery, people don’t be hesitated because this car can be fitted with the Supercharger Enabled package. This package brings the process of charging in fast charging. Both of 60 and 85 kWh is also similar in case of fast charging condition. About 2019 Tesla S price, the price is still unpublished now.


Come to the features inside, there are highly technology features inside just like touch screen infotainment display which measured in 17 inches. There is also the automatic climate control, adjustable and heated front seats, seven speakers sound system matched with HD radio and also USB inputs, rearview camera. For those people who like to hear their audio through their gadget, it is available to stream the audio with people’s smart phone’s Bluetooth. There will be an easy way to connect the internet network because this car has also WiFi connectivity. Those features are very great matched with the 2019 Tesla S interior.

Ford Edge 2019 the Elegant and Beautiful cars


Ford edge 2019 is one of the good cars from ford that will come in 2019. So if you want to have the beautiful car with good quality this car can be your good choice.

Ford edge 2019 is the newest car from ford. This car has the cool design exterior that’s looks beautiful and also elegant. This car have the beautiful looks that really suitable for those of you who really like the beautiful car. So if you want to buy this kind of car, you should read this article till the end, because in this article we will discuss about all the things that this cars have. So if you want to buy this car, you can know about the benefits that this car can offer for you.

In this section we will discuss about the ford edge 2019 release date so for those of you who really want to buy this car you should read this article till the end of the line. This new cars from ford will be in the stores in spring 2019, so if you want to buy this new car from ford, maybe you should be a little patient a little bit longer.

Ford is one of the biggest names in the car industries, so if you want to buy the car from this brand you do not have to worry because you will get the best car that have the good quality. And if you looking for the cars that looks beautiful but still have the best performance maybe the new ford edge can be your good choice. In this section about the ford edge 2019 price you will know about the price that this car has. You can bring this car to your house with paying about $28.100. This new car has the price that’s not so expensive and of course it’s really suitable for those of you who do not have excess funds. And also you can get the best car with low prices.

This new car from ford also comes with variety of colors that you can choose. So if you really like the car with bright colors this car will help you to make your dreams come true. The new ford edge come with ten different choices of colors that you can choose. There are metallic, gold, silver, black, red, white, dark blue, dark orange, yellow and also grey. So with the many choices of colors you can choose the one of the colors that can suit you. So if you decide to buy this car maybe you should be more patient a little longer, because this car will be available on store at the spring in 2019. And maybe that’s all the things that you should know about the ford edge 2019 colors.

2019 Nissan Armada the Powerful Cars for You


is one of the newest cars from Nissan. This car made especially for those of you who really like the car with the powerful looks.

2019 Nissan armada is one of the good choices that you can choose if you want to have the car with powerful engine. This car also comes with the good and beautiful design exterior. So if you looking for the car that have powerful engine and also have the beautiful body, this car can be the perfect choice for you. Nissan is one of the biggest car industries that known all over the world, so if you decide to buy the cars with Nissan brand, you do not have to worry because you will get the car with good quality. These newest cars from Nissan also very suitable for those of you who want to make your family feel comfortable and relax when traveling in the long distance.

In this section we will discuss about the engine in this new cars from Nissan. So if you want to really want to buy this car you can know about the performance that this car has. In this 2019 Nissan armada review section you will know about all the things that this car has. This car uses the regular unleaded V-8, 5.6 L engine type that will make this car powerful enough. This car also uses the RWD or known as the Rear Wheel Drive in the drive train system. This car also using the automatic electronic 5 speed transmission that will make you easier when you drive this car. This car also can fit with 8 passengers, so it can give you lots of space in the car. In the exterior section this car has the body that looks sporty and also powerful. And maybe that’s a little things that you can know about this new car from Nissan. But if you want to know about more information you search it through the internet.

And this third section we will discuss about the 2019 Nissan armada price so for those of you who really want to buy this car you should read this section, because in this section you can know about the price that this cars has. This car has the price about $35.050-$38.060. This car has the price that really suitable for those of you who do not have an excess funds. So this car can be your good choice of your main vehicle, because with this price you can get the best car that’s have good quality also.

But for those of you who really want to bring this car to your house, maybe you should be a little patient, because maybe you can buy this car in the end of 2019. And that’s the things that you can know about the 2019 Nissan armada release date.

VW Touran 2019 Good Car for Family

VW touran 2019 is one of the newest car from Volkswagen and of course this car really suitable for you and your family.

VW touran 2019 is the newest car from the Volkswagen. And of course this car will have the good quality, because Volkswagen itself is one of the brands that have the great name in the car industries. So if you want to buy the car with the Volkswagen brand you do not have to worry, because the car from the Volkswagen always comes with good and best quality. So if you decide to buy this kind of car you do not have to worry, because you will get the car that have good and the best quality. So you do not have the car with the bad quality, because Volkswagen always brings the good and best cars.

But maybe if you want to buy this car, you should be little patient, because this VW touran 2019 release date will hit the store in the end of the 2019. So if you want to have this newest car from Volkswagen you should be little more patient. This car will give you something new that you never feel in the other cars. So if you want to try something new maybe you should try this car. But to bring this car to your home, you should wait till the end of 2019. So if you want to drive this car, you should wait about 2 months.

The next generation of the VW touran will bring new types likes the VW touran 2019 Paris this car has the elegant design that will make your car looks so beautiful in the eye. And of course this new car from Volkswagen will make you feel comfortable when you driving the car. And if you want to bring something new in your life maybe you can choose the Volkswagen touran with Paris types, because this car has its own beauty that can make you will always feel relax and comfortable when driving the car. And also it will make your family always feel happy when go traveling in the far distance.

Volkswagen touran also comes with two kinds of types that you can choose, so if you do not like the Volkswagen touran with the Paris type, you do not have to worry because there are the alternatives for you, because the Volkswagen touran still have one more types for you. So if you do not like the Volkswagen with the Paris styles you can choose the VW touran 2019 allrad.

2019 Nissan Rogue the Good Choice of Family Car

2019 Nissan rogue is one of the good choice if you looking the car that can really suitable for you and your family.

2019 Nissan rogue is one of the good car that can really suitable for you and your family, because this car have the design that especially made for those of you who have more than two family members. Nissan itself is one of the greatest names in the car industries, so if you decide to buy the car with Nissan brand you do not have to worry, because you will get the car with good quality. So for those of you that still looking the right vehicle for your family, maybe the best choice for you is to choose the newest car from Nissan.

In this section we will discuss about the 2019 Nissan rogue review so in this section we will know about the engine and the power of this Nissan rogue. This car is also using the regular unleaded I-4, 2.5 L engine. Use the FWD or Four Wheel Drive in the drive train section, this car also can fit for five passengers, and also in the exterior design this car has the sport body design. So if you looking for the car that looks cool and have the powerful engine and really suitable for you and your family, maybe this car can be your good and perfect choice.

Nissan rogue is one of the newest cars that made especially for those of you who have family. This car also really suitable for those of you who really like the car with the colorful colors, because the 2019 Nissan rogue colors can fulfill your desire, because this car has the many variant of colors. The amazing variant colors are available in black, silver and many other awesome colors. And also this car comes with the good colors in the interior part, so if you choose this car as your ride, you will get many things that will make you really comfortable when driving. And of course using this car will make everyone in the car will always feel comfortable.

In this newest car from Nissan you can get much change than the older version of this Nissan rogue. In this newest car for Nissan you can get the change from the body and also in the engine parts. But you do not have to worry because these cars still bring you the best performance and of course it can comparable with the old version of this car. And maybe that’s a little things about 2019 Nissan rogue changes.

2019 Nissan Maxima Temporary Concept

Are you a fan of Nissan car? Then you have to check the 2019 Nissan Maxima model which has been revealed to the public.


2019 Nissan Maxima model has been released in an expo (United States of America). The previous type of Maxima gets positive response from the public. Based on this fact, the Nissan Automobile Company decides to reveal the next generation of Maxima series in the late 2019. The concept of this prototype is a sporty sedan. This new model is presented to the public with metallic-orange color scheme as its base color. This car is 4-door type and able to accommodate 5 passengers (adult). The body is very elegant and aerodynamic. This concept car is shorter and wider than the previous series. It is obvious that the engineer team wants to create an agile and fast sport car.


Since this car is not officially released in the market, there is no official information about its price. However, there is possibility that the price is slightly above the 2019 Maxima. The 2019 Nissan Maxima price may start from $36,000 to $ 41,500. This approximation can be right because there are many new technologies which will be implemented in this sport car. It is possible that the price is higher than it. Everything is possible because there will be new inventions in the future and it directly affects the price all cars in the market.


New Nissan Maxima 2019 has low body. Based on this design, the car can produce more pressure to the ground when it runs on the road. The result is a high speed and maximum acceleration. The 21 inch wheels which are made of aluminum create a gentle image. The rooftop shows modernity. It is made of high quality glasses. Because of the transparent material, the frame of the car is visible. The visible frame is black-dove. This combination is a work of art and shows a strong concept. It is a portrayal of the future.


The performance of the car is not clearly described. Well, it has never been tested because it is just a model or prototype. However, the temporary description of the engine shows that the power and the acceleration of this prototype are slightly above the 2019 Maxima. The engine of this prototype car is a 3.5 L V6. This V6 engine may produce about 300 HP. Well, it is just a temporary model. There is a chance that the exterior, interior, and the engine specification will be changed. There is still a high probability for the 2019 Nissan Maxima redesign.

2019 Ford Bronco Prototype and Concept


It is possible that some people know about Ford Bronco. Well, there is a possibility that 2019 ford bronco will be in the 2019 market.


2019 Ford Bronco is the upcoming car which becomes a hot topic. Everyone wants to see the resurrection of the Bronco. This car was produce in the late 20’s. Since its first publication, there is no continuation in this series. The Ford Company just leaves it because the SUV is more promising. The first Bronco released in the 1996. The company created it as the rival of the Jeep and the SUV which started to get public attention at that time. However, the production of this car was stopped because it cannot compete in the market. The public preferred to choose the car with 4-doors type, it was a big hit.  Unfortunately, the Bronco which is 2-door type was not able to survive in the market.


There are a lot of speculations about the price. Above all, the Ford Automotive Company has not given official information about it.  By considering the type and comparing the first bronco that had ever sold, the 2019 ford bronco price starts from $28,500 to $40,000. Well, all we can do is waiting for the official notification. However, thirty years ago there was a company that creates a prototype of the bronco. It was shown to the public in an expo. This concept is the information which becomes the main reference of the Bronco. This prototype uses the 4-cylinder engine with 2.0 Liter as its base size. It is a turbo diesel engine which may produce 129 horsepower @ 4000 rpm and the power of the torque is 244 LB-FT @ 1800 rpm.


Based on the prototype specs, this vehicle offers great power which can run in all kinds of extreme road. Although there is a prototype which shows public enthusiasm, the ford company does not directly respond this fact. The SUV, crossover, and sedan are still the main product. In the late of 2019, there is an issue that this vehicle will be mass produced. Some websites mention about the 2019 ford bronco interior, but it still a prediction about the feature.


The first generation of the Bronco offers the power and engine performance, so the same specification is possible. If it were launched in the 2019 market, the most powerful engine might be used. Let’s say the V8 engine series. This 5.0 L engine may produce 365 HP @ 5600 rpm and the power of the torque is 385 LB-FT @ 4250 rpm. Let’s consider this as the 2019 ford bronco concept.