2019 Dodge Journey as the Best Partner for Your Trip

Your trip will be better if you have 2019 Dodge Journey. The food and all picnic equipment can be accommodated.


2019 Dodge Journey is able to accommodate seven passengers. The basic seating is five passenger types. The large space makes this crossover car as family car as well as suitable for a long trip or a picnic. The cargo is about 67 cubic if you fold the second and the third seat. If you are about to go alone and need a car with large cargo, this is the best partner for you. If you are still single, this is your best investment. You do not need to buy another car which can lade the entire family member, this vehicle can accommodate everyone.


Dodge Journey 2019’s special feature in is in the seating. The front seat use power seating, so the driver can control the car with relaxing sensation. The material is made of high quality leather and very comfortable. In the middle seat, you can utilize the flexibility of the seat. You can simply use it or you can fold it. This vehicle is the only crossover car which offers seating for children. It is installed in the middle seat and you can access it by folding the seat. Traveling with children would not be a troublesome trip.


Besides the creative concept of the seating, there is innovative feature which will make you want to buy this car as your family car. In the middle seat, there are two storage boxes. Can you believe it? It is not only large cargo, but also additional storage. It is placed in the middle seat. The floor which is usually covered by carpet is installed with two boxes. You can store your shoes or other small tools. The 2019 Dodge Journey price ranges from $20,195 to $31,295. It is nothing compared to the great interior technology in this crossover car.


The 2.4 L engine with four-cylinder is the basic engine. This engine has 173 horsepower and the power of the torque is 166 LB-FT. If you desire a car for traveling, this engine is the most suitable choice. It consumes less fuel so you do not need to stop at the gas station frequently. However, if you prefer power rather than economical factor, you have to choose the 3.6 L Pentastar. This V6 engine can produce 283 horsepower and 260 LB-FT of torque power. Can you see it? The gap is too great. The early January could be the 2019 Dodge Journey release date.

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