2019 Ford Bronco Prototype and Concept


It is possible that some people know about Ford Bronco. Well, there is a possibility that 2019 ford bronco will be in the 2019 market.


2019 Ford Bronco is the upcoming car which becomes a hot topic. Everyone wants to see the resurrection of the Bronco. This car was produce in the late 20’s. Since its first publication, there is no continuation in this series. The Ford Company just leaves it because the SUV is more promising. The first Bronco released in the 1996. The company created it as the rival of the Jeep and the SUV which started to get public attention at that time. However, the production of this car was stopped because it cannot compete in the market. The public preferred to choose the car with 4-doors type, it was a big hit.  Unfortunately, the Bronco which is 2-door type was not able to survive in the market.


There are a lot of speculations about the price. Above all, the Ford Automotive Company has not given official information about it.  By considering the type and comparing the first bronco that had ever sold, the 2019 ford bronco price starts from $28,500 to $40,000. Well, all we can do is waiting for the official notification. However, thirty years ago there was a company that creates a prototype of the bronco. It was shown to the public in an expo. This concept is the information which becomes the main reference of the Bronco. This prototype uses the 4-cylinder engine with 2.0 Liter as its base size. It is a turbo diesel engine which may produce 129 horsepower @ 4000 rpm and the power of the torque is 244 LB-FT @ 1800 rpm.


Based on the prototype specs, this vehicle offers great power which can run in all kinds of extreme road. Although there is a prototype which shows public enthusiasm, the ford company does not directly respond this fact. The SUV, crossover, and sedan are still the main product. In the late of 2019, there is an issue that this vehicle will be mass produced. Some websites mention about the 2019 ford bronco interior, but it still a prediction about the feature.


The first generation of the Bronco offers the power and engine performance, so the same specification is possible. If it were launched in the 2019 market, the most powerful engine might be used. Let’s say the V8 engine series. This 5.0 L engine may produce 365 HP @ 5600 rpm and the power of the torque is 385 LB-FT @ 4250 rpm. Let’s consider this as the 2019 ford bronco concept.

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