2019 Tesla S Overall View

This is the car product which comes in the market where designed and built with sedan style. Some changes come from this 2019 Tesla S.


2019 Tesla S is one of the electric cars which produced for year 2019. This car has the design as a sedan which may be a rare car that exists for next year. The conditions which bring this car to be a better car product than the other electric cars are many. The conditions are such as the technology, performance and also the value of driving range. As an electric car which is all-electric car with luxury sedan design, this car actually doesn’t have a true rival at all as the competitor. The other electric cars like Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus Electric includes in the different class which related with the price, size, mode range and also luxury content.


Little about 2019 Tesla S review, this car has designed with the ability to reach the speed from 0 until 60 mph in sprint condition. That speed can be reach just like a Corvette which is in 4.4 seconds. More, this car is available to travel in 265 miles only with one time battery charge. According to a purpose of this car creation, it is accomplished about saving energy if compared with the fossil fueled sedan. About this S model, there are two different battery packs that available to choose. They are the 60 kWh and 85 kWh units. Although these have differences, both of them are made with similar basic liquid electric motor.


As an electric car, this car has the superiority in how fast the battery charged. In the way of charging the battery, people don’t be hesitated because this car can be fitted with the Supercharger Enabled package. This package brings the process of charging in fast charging. Both of 60 and 85 kWh is also similar in case of fast charging condition. About 2019 Tesla S price, the price is still unpublished now.


Come to the features inside, there are highly technology features inside just like touch screen infotainment display which measured in 17 inches. There is also the automatic climate control, adjustable and heated front seats, seven speakers sound system matched with HD radio and also USB inputs, rearview camera. For those people who like to hear their audio through their gadget, it is available to stream the audio with people’s smart phone’s Bluetooth. There will be an easy way to connect the internet network because this car has also WiFi connectivity. Those features are very great matched with the 2019 Tesla S interior.

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