Dodge Dart 2019 as the Safest Compact Car

There are a lot of new cars in the market. However, Dodge dart 2019 is the only car which can guarantee the driver and passenger safety.


Dodge Dart 2019 is ready to challenge all cars in the sedan class. This is the newest series of dodge. The recent award for a compact car is acquired by this vehicle. The category is about the car which has the most updated technology and the safety feature. This is the real proof for anybody who searches a new car or wants to change the old car with the new one. The dart generation is available in several models. Those are GT, AERO, and SXT. All of these types have two kinds of the transmission system, manual and automatic. The marketing division provides this option in order to attract customers.


The exterior design is very interesting to be discussed in this Dodge Dart 2019 review. The color scheme belongs to the world class workmanship. The red Dart is the basic color which is introduced for the first time to the public. In the front bumper, the four glittering lamps create a distinct image of a luxurious compact car. Since the discovery of LED technology, the car industry has begun to implement it. Nowadays, all cars which are produced in 2019 implementing the LED light, especially for the back light. So, what makes this new Dodge different? The LED which is installed is 152 individual types. The light is so bright and beautiful.


The price of 2019 Dodge Dart series ranges from $16,495 to $22,995. The wheel size starts from 16 inches to 18 inches. Besides the size, there are attractive colors of the wheel. The basic color of the wheel is black and silver. Then, let’s take a look at the front bumper. The projector headlamps may help the driver to see the road clearly. This headlamp is combined with the cross-shape metal in the middle of the bumper. This is the trademark of the newest dodge series.


The SOHC still used as the engine for this vehicle. The engine which has 2.5b liter base size is able to produce 184 HP @ 6250 rpm. The maximum torque power is 171 ft-lbs @ 4800 rpm. The speed and the acceleration of this car are in the medium class. However, the safety features are above average. One of the awards which are acquired is about the best safety technology. The car can run without trouble in any road because there is a device to control the stability. All Dart series have the same safety feature as well as the Dodge Dart 2019 SRT.


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